Residency Song Samples

Residency Song Samples: A sampling of song lyrics and recordings from some of the Peeps' residencies:

Mixed Up Nursery Rhymes
by Ferrisburgh Central School Kindergarten

So many nursery rhymes
Stuck in my head
I like to mix them up
Lying in bed
Lying in bed

One, two, buckle my shoe,
Three, four… little pigs.
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Sat on a wall and had a great fall.


Fuzzy, wuzzy went up the spout.
The big great spider washed him all out
Hickory, dickory, dickory dock
Ba, ba blacksheep ran up the clock.


Mary had a hungry caterpillar
It’s fleece was green as oobleck
London Bridge please don’t fall on me!

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Mixed Up Nursery Rhymes
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Rock Family Caught in the Rock Cycle
by Brewster-Pierce Memorial School 3rd & 4th graders

I am a rock, I like to roll,
Don’t check the clock,I’m far too old.
Metamorphic, igneous, sedimentary,
So many changes,
Don’t know who I should be.
Pleased to meet you, (nice to know you)
My name is Michael,
Me and my kin, we’re stuck in the rock cycle.

I said I was a rock--it didn’t start out that way.
Happened to me on a nice, sunny day.
I was clamshell lying in the sand.
Then a kid kicked me clear off the land.
I sank to the bottom of the sea,
Where I was covered by ages of debris.


All that pressure squeezing down on me.
Next thing I knew I was sedimentary.
Cruisin’ along on a tectonic plate,
Divin’ down deeper under loads of weight.
I was getting hot, sweaty and sick.
Now I’ve just turned metamorphic.


I’m getting in the magma trying to swim away,
Looking for an exit, see the light of day.
I blasted like a rocket into the sky,
Surfin’ on the lava, my of my!
In a situation –It was serious,
But I cooled off quick, to be igneous.

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Rock Family Caught in the Rock Cycle
(2.7 megs)

Stuff Grows
by Ferrisburgh Central School Sixth grade

Growin’ up is hard enough
I’ll tell you ‘bout puberty
My parents and my teachers go Wah Wah Wah
I wish it didn’t happen to me…
Stuff Grows

I wake up sweaty, smell my pits,
I run to the mirror, oh no! A ZIT!
All I wanna do is go back to bed,
I feel hair growing but it’s not on my head!
My parents are yelling, “you know the rules,
You’ve gotta grab some breakfast
And go to school.”


I’m sitting at my desk and I’m in a fix,
I forgot to do my homework--better do it quick;
Watchin’ a movie about the “The Talk”
It makes me queasy—I’d rather take a walk
Trying to do some writing, I got sweaty hands,
All because of that darned….
Pituitary Gland


My pants are too short, and my shoes too small
Time to take a trip down to the mall
I just wanna be with my homies
Mom and Dad, leave me alone-ee
I don’t want to be seen with you
I see someone cute…
You think so too.


My Mom tries to kiss me at the end of the day
Then I wish I could just fly away
She’s listening to her music, she thinks she’s hip
To keep from laughing we bite our lips
My parents get on me for my bad attitude
Doin’ the best I can
Blame it on the Man

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Stuff Grows
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I Have a Dream
by Brewster-Pierce Memorial School 1st & 2nd graders

I have a dream to be free
Black & white in unity
All of the colors of our faces
Let’s bring together all the races

We came in a boat squished and chained
Bought and sold and lost our names
We worked all day, got no pay
Lost our families and struggled in pain


Abraham Lincoln was so brave
He signed a law that freed the slaves
We fought a war between the states
To try and heal all the hate


After the war things still weren’t right
Segregation of black & white
Martin Luther King fought with words
Led a bus boycott to be heard


Here we are 2009
A new light of freedom has arrived
Barack Obama took the oath
People were smiling black & white both

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I Have A Dream
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