Residency Testimonials

"The best parts were the joy kids took in the experience, your wonderful sense of humor and the way you brought it out in the students, creating a community event in which each student in the school had a chance to shine, and the simply amazing songs you created with each class at our school. Thank you!"
Alice Leeds, Teacher, Lincoln Community School, Lincoln, VT, April 2011.

“The songwriting was perfect. You managed to engage everyone! Wow! Come back again and again!”
Teacher (anonymous evaluation), Brewster-Pierce Elementary School, Huntington, VT, February, 2009

“I saw tremendous engagement and enthusiasm from the kids - total ownership and pride.  The combination of words, music and movement is possibly the most powerful educational tool for this age group.”
Teacher (anonymous evaluation), Brewster-Pierce Elementary School, Huntington, VT, February, 2009

"Matt and John facilitated skillfully designed and powerfully delivered learning experiences for each of our 215 students, basing their work around "Play to Your Strengths." With expertise in their craft as songwriters and musicians, with knowledge of child development and motivational theory, and with strong ethical teaching of universal principles, what Matt and John were able to do in the two weeks of their residency became a significant aspect of a child's (and their family's and teacher's) Ferrisburgh School experience that is still talked about and referenced."
Donn Marcus, Principal, Ferrisburgh Central School

"Aside from having very versatile musical abilities, John and Matt are ingenious at getting kids to tap into their creativity, contribute their thoughts, and be expressive... One important talent that John and Matt have together is managing the different personalities and abilities of the students during brainstorming songwriting process. Sometimes a couple vocal students would start dominating the discussion, but John and Matt made sure to draw out the less assertive ones and give kids very positive feedback about their ideas."
Grace Freeman, Barb Aiken, Pat Koledo, Brewster-Pierce Memorial School

“It all worked out better than I could have imagined. The students were happy, the parents were in awe, and even the teachers had fun. You guys put on a great show and have amazing talent. Your ability to work with the students to write a song, practice it a few times, put movement and expression in, then perform it in front of 300 people all in five days is unbelievable. The CDs are selling very well. I have been playing the CD in class and the students can’t get enough of it. You guys are FABULOUS!”
Kathie Pudvar, Ferrisburgh Central School

“The best part of this residency was your fun-loving personalities and enjoyment of the students. Also a finished song I can use for years to come with my classes.”
Teacher (anonymous evaluation), Brewster-Pierce Memorial School, Huntington

“What I liked most was when every day we sang what we had done so far. That made me feel like we had accomplished something by working together and that felt really good.”
Student, Brewster-Pierce Memorial School

“The use of music and movement/motions helps keep children focused. Students were quite proud of their concert performance. Sharing the songs made them feel ‘real’ to kids.”
Teacher (anonymous evaluation), Underhill I.D. School

“You both made sure to include everyone’s ideas and keep their own words as much as possible. I really liked how we broke up the 5 days over 2 weeks. It gave the kids time to process and learn the song. You both had a great structure to your lessons that allowed kids to be silly and move around in-between times of discussion. They had a blast!”
Teacher (anonymous evaluation), Underhill I.D. School