The Swing Peepers Programs


A Swing Peepers show is engaging, fun, and more than likely quite goofy to boot! We offer something for everyone, from toddlers to Gram & Gramps and everyone in between! We entertain audiences at schools, libraries, community events, birthday parties, and festivals. We also offer themed performances. Currently we're offering the following themed programs, and we're always willing to come up with something new to fit your event–just ask us!

Sweet Dreams and Night Skies:

Enter the cozy nighttime world of faerie houses, the ‘big ole moon’, hibernation sleepovers, constellations, bedtime mixed-up nursery rhymes and other dreamy wildness with the Swing Peepers! This program treads winding moonlit paths through the mysteries and charms of the night. The usual Swing Peeper reverence for nature is at the core, with respectful messages about stars, animals and the forest. And, of course, it’s a celebration of singing, dancing and stories!

Funky Farms and Wild Food:

The farms we feature are fraught with foolishness. In from the field, the food frolics, the farmer is fatigued, and photosynthesis facilitates fruiting. Frankly, we feel feisty and fancy-free about fables, follies and fibs regarding fertilizer, food and farms. Fear not, however, for our feet are on soiled footing! Follow us with fervor on our folksy foray into growing food, picking wild edibles, joyous meals, sanitary (or not) practices, and gooooood eats. We foresee the festivities to be phenomenal!

As usual, Swing Peeper programs feature:

• Original songs by John and Matt, an improvisational story, songs written by schoolchildren, a traditional folk tale, participatory movement, and traditional songs.

• A number of different instruments such as: guitar, accordion, percussion, mandolin, violin, harmonica, and ukulele

• Approximate 45-minute length